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The Women Veterans Program is designed specifically to assist women veterans with various needs. Please view the video below to learn more about how the program has helped in the past, as well as our exciting plans for the future, especially the creation of ASHLEY'S HOUSE, a transitional home for Women Veterans transitioning into civilian life. The accompanying audio was written and recorded specifically for our Women Veterans by Grammy Nominated Luanne Hunt. Luanne will be our featured performer for our Aug 30th event "FOR THE LOVE OF COUNTRY"

These videos tell the story of Marine Officer Dr. Kate Hendricks-Thomas. Dr. Hendricks-Thomas was the victim of being exposed to BURNING PITS while serving in Iraq and Afghanistan. As so many other women veterans exposed to the Burning Pits, she was diagnosed with Cancer. Scheduled to be the Guest Speaker at our Gala for the last 2 years,  her deteriorating condition prevented her from presenting. Two months before her passing, she created this video to insure that her story and the story of so many others continues to be heard. The other video tells what has happened since her passing, including the approval of a new law providing for needed benefits for women veterans.

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