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V4V sponsors service dogs. By forging a partnership with Villages’ lifestyle groups that raise money for puppies with Patriot Service Dogs (PSD), a group that raises the puppies and trains them, V4V and her partners are able to give the gift of a service dog to Veterans in Need. V4V sponsored service dogs are trained by a PSD initiated program called W.O.O.F. at Lowell Correctional Institution, a women’s prison in Ocala, FL. Here a group of inmates are paired with service dogs-in-training and are responsible for their care and training. Weekend raisers provide the prison pups with real world experiences. V4V has sponsored 9 puppies, 4 have graduated and the other five are in various stages of the 2-year training program.

V4V Service Dog Icons.png


V4V-Support Dog- Kelly-1.JPG
V4V-Support Dog-Kelly-2.JPG

Meet Kelly!

Our new V4V sponsored service dog

For more information on our partner organization please visit: http://www.patriotservicedogs.org

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