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Mobility and Independence
Service Dogs
Veterans In Need
Women's Veterans Programs


Our mission is to ensure that veterans receive assistance in healing, a return to normalcy and an independent lifestyle.  Villagers for Veterans fills an unmet need by providing resources to veterans unable to receive help through established channels.  We serve all veterans regardless of how their injuries occurred.

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Service Dogs

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23 All-Terrain Vehicles

Since our founding, we have raised over $800,000, donated 23 all-terrain vehicles, sponsored six service dogs and continue to do so.  Further, we have hosted multiple events to bring awareness to PTSD, prevent veteran suicide, and provide special recognition of women veterans.


Newest Program - Build a House with Love

Our current program is to Build a House with Love to provide a smart house to SGT Pam Kelly, who was injured when a sling load operation went wrong and dropped, crushing her spine.  Pam is now a quadriplegic with only limited use of her left arm.


Villagers for Veterans is committed to relocating Pam to The Villages, where she will have a greater independence and have access via her wheelchair to activities in the Town Square and be able to leave her home without assistance, something she cannot do in her present home.


Through our ongoing fundraising efforts, we have secured enough funds to purchase a lot in the Historic District and are continuing our fundraising to be able to build her a customized, accessible home to offer her a better quality of life and improved mobility and independence.

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Tara Hutchinson is a member of the V4V family.  After hitting an IED while deployed in Iraq, she sustained a number of injuries, including the loss of her right leg above the knee.  Her heart stopped for 20 minutes, leaving her with a Parkinson's-like movement disorder, along with PTSD and TBI.

As part of her therapy, Tara started to make jewelry, unaware that she had a talent for the craft.  With financial assistance from Villagers for Veterans, Tara was able to turn therapy and a hobby into a business to support herself.

Her story is highlighted on Fox Business.  

Click here to read more.

Check out her jewelry.  It is beautiful, unique and luxurious.  

Tara is another one of our successful veterans overcoming obstacles to live a more independent life.

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