2021 All-Women Veteran Honor Flight

Although women veterans are able to fly on Honor Flights, an all-women flight would enable a tailored itinerary that will take these heroes to monuments, memorials, and special events specific to their military service, something that is not usually included in routine Honor Flights.


Women Veterans are invisible.


Women’s roles in the military have always been downplayed, and many public ceremonies and tributes refer to veterans as “he.”


An all-women Honor Flight tells women that their sacrifices, service, and commitments to our country are recognized and that Americans

understand they were willing to give their all. 

We need your help!

Support Villagers For Veterans, Tri-County Women Veterans and Villages Honor Flight in our efforts to raise $100,000 for

an All-Women Veterans Honor Flight in 2021.

This will enable 60 women veterans, 60 female guardians, and 

10-20 medical and logistic support staff to travel

to Washington, D.C., on a chartered flight. 

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